The Ranch On The River

The Future

If He Could Only See It Now

Dreams of the Future


Henry Mayo Newhall spent most of the early 1870’s purchasing property up and down the state of California.  Rancho San Francisco was truly the darling of his collection.  So much so that he chose Rancho San Francisco to become his legacy by re-naming it “Newhall Ranch.” Newhall Ranch was a diamond in the rough and he knew it.  While no one can know his exact vision for his land – “his” Ranch on the River – I must believe that he would be very happy with the outcome so far… and for the future that lies ahead.  The future, Newhall Ranch, the final chapter of his legacy is on the horizon.  It will be the greatest chapter of all.    




A Beautiful New City…


Newhall Ranch, also referred to as “Net Zero Newhall” is about to come off the drawing board with the awe-inspiring intent of becoming the city of the future; the first of its kind, in the world, to effectively leave a “NET ZERO” carbon footprint upon the earth. It will include:

⦁ Nine Sustainable Villages, in a variety of sizes and price points, that will include rental, senior and affordable housing.

⦁ 21,500 HOMES – All with solar power and electric vehicle charging stations – 10% of those will be affordable units.

⦁ 5 million square feet of commercial space – Shopping close to home!

⦁ 60,000 new jobs will be created close to home which eliminates the need for the dreaded long-distance commute.

⦁ 7 New Public Schools

⦁ Electric School Busses within Newhall Ranch to eliminate the thousands of daily commutes to and from school by each student household.

⦁ Four Fire Stations

⦁ 11 Neighborhood and Community parks

⦁ A Public Library

⦁ Carshare and bikeshare programs

⦁ Subsidies to electrify public transit connecting Metrolink and mobility hubs.

⦁ Comprehensive water conservation programs will include a water reclamation plant capable of recycling millions of gallons per day and the commitment to use reclaimed water for irrigation of all public open space, parks and commercial properties.

...That Feels Like the Country!


50 miles of trails

 Walking and bike paths throughout the development.

 10,000 acres of open space – forever!

Two thirds of Newhall Ranch, approximately 10,000 acres, will remain protected natural open space, including a protected High Country Wilderness area larger than LA’s Griffith Park and New York’s Central Park – Combined!





















“Newhall Ranch”




“Net Zero Newhall”







is coming soon!

Groundbreaking is estimated to be sometime in late 2018!  




“Yay – Its really happening”  






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