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A New Beginning


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On July 18, 2017, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the first two of the five projects that are on the Newhall Ranch drawing board. Landmark Village and Mission Village, after over 30 years, are now fully approved subdivisions.

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 A New Beginning



In 2015 Newhall Land was absorbed into FivePoint.  Even though the Newhall Land name will go away, which saddens me a bit after all this time, all the same great people that have been running the Newhall Ranch development process for all these years with Newhall Land, are still around. They just have a new name.   By merging Newhall Land, the 134 year old company into FivePoint, they are joining some of the top names in Southern California real estate today.


Below I have listed the 3 men that are responsible for making Newhall Ranch, aka Net Zero Newhall what it is today. I have heard them speak. Their passion for this project, for doing things the right way, for making a difference, falls right in line with the much-touted integrity levels of Henry Mayo Newhall from so long ago.



Greg McWilliams

Greg McWilliams

Regional President - Southern California

Donald Kimball

Donald Kimball

Community President - Newhall Ranch

Get to know Emile Haddad

Chairman and CEO of FivePoint

One Last Thing... On A More Personal Note

One day, on my way to visit my daughter and grandchildren in Huntington Beach, before I started my website, I went to the Great Park Neighborhood development in Orange County that FivePoint is currently building.

I drove around for a bit. I wanted to see what their current “culture” of building was all about. I was so impressed with the “feel” that I got from the community that honestly, a sense of calm and relief came over me almost instantly. If this is anything like how they will build in MY home town, then I welcome them with open arms.

The homes from each builder were unique, beautiful and had well thought out floor plans. WAIT… Can you hear it… that’s the retired Realtor in me talking… giggle…Anyway… They were not in any way the “cookie cutter” style that everyone, including myself, is so worried about.

The neighborhood parks and community centers screamed “come out and play and be social”! There were walking and bike paths everywhere. I walked through the models and took some pictures that I will post shortly so you can see what I mean. It really was amazing.

So, if you have any angst about what is happening with Newhall Ranch and FivePoint, or if you are excited and curious about what we may see up here in Newhall Ranch, take a drive, but start early, the place is HUGE!

My daughter Tracy, her husband Tim, and my grandkids Daniel and Kate.

Developmental Checks and Balances

It is inevitable that there will continue to be development in the Santa Clarita Valley.  It has continued to grow significantly each year.  When I got here in 1966 there were 16,000 people and two little towns, Newhall and Saugus.

The interesting part of development is that people come to this beautiful valley, buy their beautiful new home, bring their cars and their kids and then say “we don’t want any more development in this valley!  It is too crowded and there is too much traffic.”

Well, you can’t just close the door behind you once you get here.  It just doesn’t work that way.  If that were the case from when I got here, there would still be 16,000 people, instead of over 200,000 at last count.

The good news about development “these days” is that there are checks and balances in place.  There are the developers on one side and the environmentalist on the other.  The results are a comprehensive development such as the new NET ZERO NEWHALL that allows for sustainable growth without wreaking havoc on the environment.  So, to both parties I say, congratulations on a job well done.


FYI… Just So You Don’t Think I Am Uninformed!

Newhall Ranch, as it was planned, consists of five sectioned “Villages”.  They are Mission Village, Landmark Village, Homestead North, Homestead South and Potrero Valley.

In the content of this website I refer to Entrada North, Entrada South and Legacy Village as being a part of the development.  Entrada and Legacy are actually part of the Valencia plan started back in 1960.  Entrada in Spanish means “Entrance”.  Entrada is the entrance to Newhall Ranch.  Legacy Village… I am just going to guess, is a tribute to Henry Mayo Newhall.

Because Entrada and Legacy are closely entwined with Newhall Ranch, I decided to include them in The Ranch on The River so you can keep up with all the projects at the same place!


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