Newhall Land and Farming

The Newhall Land and Farming Co (NLF) was an entity created because of the death of Henry Mayo Newhall.  At the age of 56, Henry’s estate was worth over 3 million dollars (in 1882 dollars – wow).

His estate at the time of his death, except for some property and the family home which Margaret kept personally, was put into the company.   10,000 shares of stock were issued when the company was created, 2500 to his widow Margaret and 1500 each to the five sons.  The compnay was only set up to run for 50 years which was considered to be their lifetime.  The company was run by his five sons and his former partner Henry Gregory.  Margaret chose to not to be involved in the day to day running of the company.

The Newhall Land and Farming Co. was hugely responsible for making Santa Clarita the beautiful and safe city that it is today.  Its master planned community of Valencia, which is close to completion, was its crowning glory.  The NLF company survived 3 times longer than the family had originally planned.  NLF, when it was absorbed into FivePoint was 132 years old.

For a timeline of events from the day it started up to the final takeover and re-branding of Newhall Land by FivePoint, please click here.

This is where the pictures and Names of all the presidents of Newhall Land and Farming will go.

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27943 Seco Canyon Road, Suite 531
Santa Clarita, CA 91350