Entrada Village – North

Entrada North    TR071377 


Entrada North – “entrada” meaning entrance – is envisioned as a new Town Center with shopping, dining and entertainment surrounded by 1,150 multi-family residential units.

Development would be concentrated in two main areas. “Site A” is the long-talked-about town center/entertainment area between Interstate 5 and the Six Flags Magic Mountain amusement park. “Site B” is the freeway corridor between the highways and the Santa Clara River.

Entrada North is actually part of Newhall Land’s original Valencia Master Plan – not the separate 20,000-home Newhall Ranch project. But it will “feel” like part of the Newhall Ranch development, which will about it.

 The following is a description of the Entrada project from BAR Architects of San Francisco, who did the conceptual design work:

Adjacent to Six Flags Magic Mountain, The Entrada North master plan brings together residential, commercial, and hospitality into a new district. The master plan is based on a “Town Center” concept, with pedestrian friendly streets that connect various districts with outdoor parks and plazas that provide areas for congregation. With over 1,200 residential units planned, the Entrada North is envisioned to be a vibrant community, where residents and visitors alike can enjoy the many services and amenities provided.

This new town center will provide 3 distinct Districts linked together by a loop road. The “Shopping District” provides a combination of retail and outdoor spaces, all connected via a Main Street, the character of which is defined by ground level retail with office/residential above, along with a linear park that incorporates outdoor seating and dining opportunities.

The Shopping District culminates at a central park fronting a new hotel. The “Entertainment/Dining District” consists of a movie theater, dining, retailers and residential, all centralized around an outdoor plaza. The plaza provides opportunities to gather, to dine at the various restaurants and nightclubs, and enjoy the night activities highlighted by the movie theater. The “Outdoor/Sports Fitness District” will provide a unique experience with major sports retailers, a fitness center, and a true outdoor experience, with water features, climbing walls, and skateboard parks.


27943 Seco Canyon Road, Suite 531
Santa Clarita, CA 91350