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The Ranch on the River

The Ranch on the River is Newhall Ranch – Past, Present and Future.  It is the up and coming FivePoint mega real estate development under the guidance of Emile Haddad, Greg McWilliams and Don Kimball .  Newhall Ranch is located just west of the beautiful Santa Clarita Valley in California.   It lies for several miles along the winding curves of the Santa Clara River – hence, “The Ranch on the River.”   I have watched with fascination over the last 30 plus years as it inches its way through the planning process to get to where it is today.

The information from this website will tell the story of Newhall Ranch – The Past, The Present and The Future.  It will begin in 1875 with Henry Mayo Newhall, the “Father” of Newhall Ranch, purchasing the Spanish land grant “Rancho San Francisco”, a property with over 46,000 acres surrounded by beautiful mountains and a lush river valley running between them.  The Ranch on the River will tell of his real estate vision, how we got to where we are today and what the future holds in this final chapter of his almost 150 year legacy.

The City of the Future

Newhall Ranch

Newhall Ranch is presently on the drawing board of FivePoint Holdings, LLC “FivePoint”, to become an unprecedented “city of the future”.  There is nothing like it of its kind, anywhere in the world.  Currently referred to as “Net Zero Newhall” as in “zero net greenhouse gas emissions”, the world will be watching as it works its way through the final stages of planning and approval, to become the largest and most energy efficient, master planned development ever created.

Newhall Ranch will be built in sections called “Villages”.  Final approval of the first two Villages of Newhall Ranch, Mission Village and Landmark Village, were approved unanimously by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors on July 18, 2017.  Groundbreaking will commence shortly I am sure!  The other Villages, Entrada, Legacy, Homestead and Potrero, are still in various stages of the approval process.

Having lived in the Santa Clarita valley since 1966, as you can imagine, I have seen many changes over the years. Development is inevitable in this beautiful valley, so, if it has to happen, I want it to be spectacular!  Through all my research of what is on the drawing board, “spectacular” is what I have seen for the future of Newhall Ranch.

The Ranch on the River website will be “ever-evolving” as the development of Newhall Ranch will be built over the next several decades. Come back often to see what’s new and exciting!  We can watch “spectacular” happen together!



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This website is not an endorsement for or against the Newhall Ranch Development.  It is just a series of observations on my part that I wanted to share with anyone who felt like reading it.

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